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Application for becoming 2019 Site Center

If you are interested in establishing a PPCR 2019 Site Center, please contact the program coordinators at 2019coordinator@ppcr.org. Initial requirements for a site are a minimum of 10 students with the appropriate technological support, see below.

- Video-conference equipment is highly recommended

- Internet for video conference - minimum of download speed of 5mpbs and upload speed of 1mbps

- Internet wireless for students - minimum of download speed of 2mpbs

- 1 fixed ip address for connecting with us is recommended.

- Minimum of 1 microphone for students

- Projector in the room

- Speaker in the room

If you are interested in becoming a site please fill out the application for PPCR 2019 site center: click here.


2019 Sites


Basel, Switzerland

Clara Salier
Email: clara.sailer@unibas.ch

Belo Horizonte, Brazil

Augusto Junior
E-mail: augusto.junior@ppcr.org


Berlin, Germany

Volkan Aykac, MD
Email: volkan.aykac@charite.de


Bogota, Colombia

Karen Hurtado Colorado
Email: karen.huco@gmail.com


Boston, MA, USA

Felipe Fregni, MD, PhD, MPH
Email: felipe.fregni@ppcr.org


Brasilia, Brazil

Talyta Grippe, MD
Email: talytagrippe@gmail.com

Cali, Colombia

Luis Benitez, MD
Email: lmbenitez@javerianacali.edu.co

Campinas, Brazil (Instituto Wilson Mello)

Paulo Teixeira
Email: pteixeira2@mgh.harvard.edu

Campinas, Brazil (UNICAMP)

Carolina Lins
Email: ppcrunicamp@gmail.com

Canoas, Brazil (La Salle University)

Andressa Souza
Email: andressasz@gmail.com

Casacavel, Brazil (Hospital do Câncer de Cascavel - UOPECCAN - PARANA)

Ademar Dantas Cunha Junior, MD

Cuenca, Ecuador

Dunia Abad, MD
Email: dunia.abadc@ucuenca.edu.ec

Doha, Qatar

Mohamed Hashim Mahmoud, MD
Email: mohamed.hashim@ppcr.org

Dresden, Germany

Timo Sipemann, MD
Email: Timo.Siepmann@uniklinikum-dresden.de

Ben Illigens, MD
Email: illigens@ppcr.org

Guangzhou, China

Dian Zeng
Email: vivianzengdian@gmail.com

Huelva, Spain

Carlos Cordero, MD, Msc
Email: ccordero.rhb@gmail.com

Lima, Peru

Tamara Jorquiera, MD, Msc
Email: tjorquieraj@usmp.pe

Manaus, Brazil

Robson Amorim, MD

Mecca, Saudi Arabia (Al Qura University)

Abdul Haseeb
Email: abdul.haseeb@ppcr.org

Mexico City, Mexico

Daniel San Juan, MD
E-mail: pegaso31@yahoo.com

Jorge Leon Morales-Quezada, MD
E-mail: lmorales@neuromodulationlab.org

Munich, Germany

Danielle Sabina Wendling-Keim, MD
E-mail: Danielle.Wendling@med.uni-muenchen.de

Porto Alegre, Brazil

Wolnei Caumo, MD
Email: wcaumo@hcpa.edu.br

Ribeirao Preto, Brazil

Taiza Santos – Pontelli, MD
E-mail: taiza@fmrp.usp.br

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (CCBR)

Bruno Paolino, MD
Email: brunopaolino@gmail.com

Salvador, Brazil

Juleilda Nunes, MD
Email: brasiljuli@yahoo.com.br

Santiago, Chile

Pablo Lavados, MD
Email: pmventurelli@gmail.com

Santiago, Dominican Republic

Maria Zunilda Nunez, MD
Email: ppcrsantiago@gmail.com

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Maria Zunilda Nunez, MD
Email: nunez.zunilda@gmail.com

Santos, Brazil

Ana Beatriz Soares, MD
E-mail: abeatriz.soares@gmail.com

Sao Paulo, Brazil (A. C. Camargo Cancer Center)

Wilson Luiz Costa Jr., MD
Email: dr.wilsoncosta@gmail.com

Sao Paulo, Brazil (ABC Region)

Daniel Cubero, MD
Email: danielcubero@uol.com.br

Sao Paulo, Brazil (Hospital Sirio-Libanes)

Tiago Lazzaretti, MD
Email: tiagot86@hotmail.com

Sao Paulo, Brazil (Instituto D'Or de Pesquisa e Ensino)

Camila Moniz, MD

Sao Paulo, Brazil (Universidade de Sao Paulo)

Wu Tu Hsing, MD, PhD

Seoul, Korea

Woosung Hwang
Email: woosung.hwang@ditobio.com

Tokyo, Japan

Keiko Ueda, MD
Email: keikougg@gmail.com

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