Jonathan Michael Spector, a Professor in the Educational Psychology and Instructional Technology Department at the University of Georgia, has presented some of the basic principles to support and facilitate learning that are likely to have an impact on learning outcomes:

  • “Learning Principle (L) - learning is fundamentally about change
  • Experience Principle (E) - experience is the starting point for understanding
  • Context Principle (C) - context determines meaning
  • Integration Principle (I) - relevant contexts are broad and multi-faceted
  • Uncertainty Principle (U) - we know less than we are inclined to believe” (1)

We believe that our online collaborative methodology is aligned with these principles, as it creates a learning community that is based on group discussions and live sessions where participants can directly interact with the whole learning community. Furthermore, in this community, each student embarks on a learning journey in a specific context where they are encouraged to share their thoughts, experiences and understanding on the topics to be learned, cooperating and supporting each other’s learning process. Therefore, we believe that the kind of learning suggested here contributes toward changing education and supporting professional and personal development.
Source: (1)

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