Management & Leadership for Clinical Studies

This workshop will be held in Boston on July 26th, 2017. This live intensive course is critical for PPCR students who are principal investigators and want to conduct and execute their studies successfully, for PPCR students who want to become study coordinators and for current study coordinators who are planning a career in this field. The course will be hosted by two Harvard professors who will offer instruction on the theoretical and practical aspects of management and leadership for clinical studies.;

Location and Directions

Harvard Campus Location to be determined; please contact us before making your hotel reservation

What to Expect

The Leadership & Management workshop is an intensive one-day crash course offered to participants from Boston and throughout the world who enroll in the 2017 PPCR main course component or have previously completed a PPCR course.


The one-day live intensive course will host Harvard professors who will give lectures and host group discussions. Students will participate in practical exercises.

Who Should Attend

Students who enroll in the 2017 PPCR course or have previously completed a PPCR course and are interested in managing clinical studies are encouraged to apply for this workshop. 

Investment in the Future

This workshop will provide the fundamentals of leadership and management and prepare the participant for a successful career in clinical research.

Program Content

Topics will include theory and practice of project management, management models, mentoring in clinical research, effective communication and teamwork.


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