Samaritano PPCR Site

and gave the lecture 8 from this site.

Prof. Fregni visited the PPCR site from Hospital Samaritano - one of the largest hospitals in Brazil that has committed to the training of the next generation of clinical researchers. Dr. Fregni led the lecture 8 - Basics of Statistics - from this site. Prof Fregni made some comments: There was a great interaction from participants there. Samaritano has been one of the PPCR site leaders in Brazil. Participants there were well prepared and contributed to the class learning on this topic. I hope I can meet them on our next workshops especially in the 5-day workshop. On Behalf of PPCR, we are very grateful to the support from Samaritano to this global training program. Prof. Fregni was delighted to also have met Dr. Zanon and Dr. Luis Maria.

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