5-Day Immersion Course

The Principles and Practice of Clinical Research 5-Day immersion course will be held from November 15th to November 19th, 2022.

The 5-Day Immersion Course will host six Harvard professors who will review and discuss material presented throughout the year of the 2022 PPCR course in a detailed and intensive fashion. One important part of the 5-Day Immersion Course is that students will review their group projects and specific questions related to their own research with the Harvard faculty. This 5-Day Immersion Course is an important component and is intended to give students hands on experience in clinical trials design and analysis. Students will also present their year-long work to the entire group after discussion with faculty.


Boston, MA.

Please note that both the July workshops and the 5-day immersion course are subject to change to virtual teaching because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Participants will be notified at least 2 months prior to the start of the programs.

What to Expect

The 5-Day Immersion Course will offer lectures, small group discussions, individual office hours, manuscript/grant writing classes and practical exercises. Students will review their group projects and work towards an oral or poster presentation. The goal of the live course component is to allow students to interact directly with Harvard faculty, discuss specifically their questions as they relate to the course, their project or their own research and to give them an opportunity to practice the acquired knowledge.


This 5-Day Immersion Course is a live on-site program. Harvard faculty will give live lectures and offer office hours. Participants are also required to participate in group discussions and complete practical exercises. Participants will also work on their group project and present it during the course.

Who Should Attend

Students who enroll in the 2021 Principles and Practice Clinical Research main course component are highly encouraged to also participate in the 5-Day course. The course offers an opportunity to interact with Harvard faculty in a one-to-one relationship and to discuss topics in small groups. The 5-Day on-site course is an extension to the PPCR main course component and will focus on those skills required for a scientist in his daily life: Designing a research project, statistics, writing skills, presentation.

Students who have previously completed the PPCR course are also eligible to attend; however, priority is given to current PPCR students.

Investment in the Future

During the 5-Day on-site course students will closely interact with Harvard faculty but also with clinical researchers from different countries and different fields. The goal of this program is to promote personal and professional growth and to make clinical researchers more effective in their work. This course should be the first step in becoming an independent research scientist. We also expect that the interactive environment of this program will promote connections among participants and therefore foster future collaborative multicenter projects.

Program Content

The 5-Day on-site course will review and expand on some parts of the PPCR course (including statistics). The group project will be a key component, which will include discussion and presentation. Additionally, there will be a manuscript/grant writing workshop, manuscript review workshop and additional lectures relevant to working as a research scientist.


Research Proposal Writing Workshop Advanced Statistical Workshop
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